Understanding the causes of tooth decay.

With the benefit of new research and exciting advances in dental technology, we are able to treat the base causes of dental decay instead of only fixing its results. This significantly reduces the need for future dental treatments and increases the lasting effects of any treatment carried out.


In the past, the treatment of dental decay centred on dealing with holes using fillings, crowns and extractions. However, it is now understood that cavities are the result of a disease process. Recent research has reinforced the importance of creating and maintaining healthy teeth and gums to prevent the progression of dental decay and to reduce the number of cavities. 

To find out exactly which factors are causing your dental decay, we carry out a Decay Risk Assessment. This includes a detailed oral history examination together with a range of diagnostic tests and screening which may include checking your saliva, diet, dental history, medical history, occupation and sports activity. We use the information to accurately determine the root cause of your dental decay and to prescribe an appropriate prevention regime.



Can tooth decay be prevented?   

By using our Decay Risk Assessment, we are able to identify a person's specific decay factors. This allows us to give you the treatment and techniques to use at home to stop the decay disease in its tracks.

What does dental decay treatment mean to me?  

Whether you are an adult or a child, we are convinced that by following our individually tailored, preventive programmes, you will need less future treatment and enhance the longevity of existing dental work, giving you a healthy, comfortable and confident smile for life. 

Is it possible to repair decay?   

It is even possible to repair early decay, avoiding the need for a conventional filling and reducing the need for future treatment. We are now more aware of the importance of diet, saliva and minerals working together to achieve this. 

How do you check if the treatment is working?   

Close monitoring is an integral part of our preventive programme. It allows us to quickly see whether the treatments are working and allows us to make changes, to make sure you see an improvement. 


We have an excellent dental hygiene team working alongside our dentists. They play a key role in helping you to prevent gum disease and decay. 

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