We make time available each day to see patients with dental emergencies. These are available to anyone, even if you have not seen us before. All appointments are made on a private basis. 

If you have an unexpected emergency, such as an accident or toothache, then in normal circumstances you should contact our Reception Team.

Our emergency telephone number is:  01452 522720

If it's your first visit .. 

On your first visit to Clarence House, you’ll be met by one of our friendly new patient co-ordinators. She will show you around and begin your consultation by asking you some questions. These help us to carry out a full assessment of your dental health and any dental treatment you have received in the past. 

You will then be introduced to your dentist – either Marc Gresley or Kate Sanderson. During your appointment your dentist will look at your jaw joints, your soft tissues (both in and around your mouth), your teeth and gums and the way your teeth bite together.

This will appointment involve a thorough visual examination and any necessary tests, screening charts, photographs and x-rays. Your dentist will discuss the results of this examination with you in detail including any treatment needed and the different options available to you.


What if I haven't been to Clarence House before?


We are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice. If you have a dental emergency, you are welcome to contact us to make an appointment. 

For all new appointments, telephone us on: 01452 522720 or call in and talk to a member of our Reception Team.